These top quality 3/4 bedroom luxury villas and the Superb Exclusive 3 bed Apartments are being built on a prestigious new development located in Bogaz which is on the East Coast of North Cyprus and is on the coastal route that links the major town of Famagusta to the Karpaz region. Famagusta is a short drive along the scenic route to the west and offers the resident or holiday maker a wealth of things to do and see. The town is steeped in history and has a fascinating old town within ancient walls that just invite you to explore the narrow streets and the many shops, stalls and historic buildings. There are some excellent restaurants in this part of the city where one can savor the exotic aromas and tastes of Cypriot Turkish cooking or an excellent choice of more familiar European dishes. The newer part of Famagusta includes the campus of the Eastern Mediterranean University and is a busy commercial centre where most requirements for modern living can be obtained. To the east of the quaint fishing village of Bogaz, which is a tourist attraction in it’s own right, lies the Karpaz . The Karpaz Peninsula is truly sensational. It is a huge area that covers the northern tip of the country and is one of the last great wildernesses in Europe. Its raw, natural beauty is free from the interference of man. Just a few scattered farms, the odd hotel and restaurant are the only signs of human interference. Instead, nature has been left to its own spectacular devices to create an attraction mere man could never ever achieve.

The area is carpeted by trees, rolling hills, farmlands, huge sand dunes and fabulous beaches. But is this natural spectacle - which some describe as the 8th wonder of the world - swamped by visitors? The answer is an emphatic No. From the wooded hillsides where the scent of pine trees fills the air, to the seemingly endless miles of seductive golden beaches, there is virtually no-one to be seen.

In fact, you are likely to see more wild donkeys which roam the Karpaz Peninsula, than you would see people. Some Karpaz beaches are also visited year after year by endangered species of sea turtles that choose this area for their nesting grounds. These turtles have become a recognized symbol of a region that is among the lowest for pollution in the whole of the Mediterranean periphery.

Closer to Bogaz is the exciting new resort at Bafra where massive investment has seen the development of five star hotels and a world class casino among its many attractions. A new marina within reach of this property is an added attraction that will increase re-sale or rental values in this area. These developments confirm the confidence that the big time investors have in North Cyprus and in the eastern side in particular. Bogaz is often considered to be the epicenter of this area of opportunity.

Bogaz offers this unique choice of solitude and nature or the excitement of the city or holiday beaches, all within easy reach. Also within easy reach is a major supermarket, a good choice of restaurants plus many facilities in nearby Iskele including hospitals, schools, banks etc.

                                                                  THE PROPERTY

These magnificent villas are the work of one of the most Respected Property Developers in North Cyprus. This is a businessman who appreciates that his clients must be able to trust him and the quality of his properties before they are likely to part with their hard earned cash. His builder has been selected on the same basis. There is no weak part link here. He prides himself on being available personally to his clients ,and other reputable estate agents ,who will be pleased to arrange a meeting should any prospective clients so desire.



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