Cyprus a beautiful island lying like a pearl in the deep azure blue of the Eastern Mediterranean sea. Cyprus, where the sun shines all year, is known for its fresh air, historical places and undiscovered shores.

Beaches in North Cyprus are so clean and virgin that even Venus, the goddess of beauty, is said to have been born on a beach here. Golden Beach embellished the dreams of Boticelli who immortalized it in his famous painting called ’The Birth of Venus’. Life here is so tranquil that even mythological heroes may have envied it. It is possible to observe this tranquility in the faces of the many British who let themselves rest in the arms of time and under the sun sparkling like a diamond. Who wouldn't dream of living in such a country? Who wouldn’t want a house where one may look upon a magnificent sea view from the terrace, sip a drink whilst sitting on a balcony with a view of a unique natural landscape, day dream while lying in a hammock in the garden and swim in the pool to refresh oneself after enjoying a breakfast at a table full of very fresh food?

We can hear you ask whether such a house exists. We know that such houses exist in catalogues for other Mediterranean countries like Spain,France and Italy, and that their prices are exorbitant. But, here in Cyprus, the land of dreams, every home is possible and at prices reasonable for everyone.

If you wonder how you could have the house of your dreams in North Cyprus, which is developing with each passing day, be our guest. Ersav Homes complements this unique island with its high quality homes and modern designs. Besides providing services at prices appropriate for everyone’s budget, customer satisfaction has been established as acompany principle at Ersav homes. We offer you the house of yourdreams, whether with a view of the very turquoise waters of the Mediterranean or of green pine-clad mountains. Ersav homes was the onlyNorth Cyprus firm participating in the Real Estate Fairs in Dubai, Spainand Glasgow, who also participated at the London Excel Home BuyerExhibition and the Manchester Gmex Property Investor and Homebuyer Show.





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