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Special Condition 1

Reservation fee of 1,000 STG. For Properties readily Available. On exchange of contracts the purchaser will pay 35% of the total purchase price. Within 3 months of reservation the purchaser will pay another 35% of the total purchase price. The remaining 30% will be payable by the purchaser upon completion(On final handover of keys). The 1,000 reservation fee is not refundable.

Special Condition 2

- For Off plan purchases. The 1,000 reservation fee is not refundable. Exchange of Contracts to be completed within 4 weeks of reservation/or 2 weeks after approval of the mortgage.

Reservation deposit

On signing of contract

On completion of foundations

On completion of skeleton +roof,rendering,


On completion of interior fittings,kitchens,

bathrooms,tiling& electrics.

On completion of external works ,& On final hand over of keys.

1000 STG

30 %

30 %

20 %

15 %

5 %

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Ersav Homes Recommended Solicitors

Name: Arif Tahir Erisen
Address: Erisen House, itfaiye Yolu, Mahkemeler Yani, Gazimagusa,
Tel:+90 392 366 8031/ +90 392 366 8338,
Fax:+90 392 366 8032, Mob: +90 533 867 2272,

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