Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you organise inspection trips to North Cyprus ?

Yes! Ersav Homes can organise property inspection trips. We can assist in arranging all aspects of your trip from flights, airport transfers, a place to stay, and car hire. We can recommend several travel agencies that can match your individual travel requirements with suitable accommodation. Once you have arrived in North Cyprus a member of our sales team will collect you from your hotel and take you to view your property selection.

For further details or to arrange an inspection trip, please contact us at

2. What is the quickest route to North Cyprus ?

At present there are no direct flights to North Cyprus , all flights are subject to a short stopover at one of Turkey's main airports (Izmir, Dalaman or Istanbul for example). On most occasions, this takes only 45 minutes and generally does not require the passengers to leave the airplane. The main airport in North Cyprus is Ercan airport, which has recently undergone a massive refurbishment programme bringing it up to international standards. The drive from Ercan to Famagusta takes about 30 minutes, with Bogaz taking another 15 minutes to reach. Over recent months, there has been a lot of speculation that direct flights from both the UK and Germany will soon begin, making North Cyprus much more accessible and appealing to tourists and potential property buyers.

3. What flights are available to North Cyprus ?

North Cyprus has direct air links only with Turkey , all planes wishing to land at Ercan airport in Northern Cyprus must first land at one of Turkey 's airports. During the summer months, more than 90 flights a week arrive at Ercan airport. Currently there are around 20 flights a week from London (Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick) to North Cyprus . Flights are also available from Manchester , Glasgow and Dublin . From Turkey , you can get a connecting flight from Istanbul , Izmir , Ankara , Antalya or Adana . Ferries are an alternative way of travelling from Turkey to North Cyprus and there are frequent ferry services, the fastest service taking 2 hours.

4. What is the cost of living in North Cyprus ?

The cost of living in North Cyprus is relatively inexpensive when compared to other popular European and Mediterranean destinations including France , Spain and Southern Cyprus . Utility bills are affordable for an apartment for example you should expect to pay about £250 a year for electricity. Water is metered and the average cost for a 3-bedroom villa is around £15 per month. Most houses, villa and apartments have solar heating that will supply hot water for at least 8 months a year. In some cases of apartments and communal sites, a property maintenance fee may be payable covering gardening, pool maintenance and general site repairs, this fee can vary from £20 - £40 a month per apartment. Over recent years the standard of living in North Cyprus has improved, more supermarkets are selling foreign branded goods, the prices of these imported goods is slightly higher than what you would pay in the UK . Locally produced goods are a lot cheaper and are of good quality. The TRNC government last year removed the KDV (VAT) from many basic foodstuffs, including bread, milk, pasta, rice, flour and many other items. Locally produced alcoholic drinks are exceptional value with a bottle of Efes lager costing around 60p and you can buy a bottle of local red or white wine (Cankaya for example) for less than £3.00. Cigarettes and tobacco are also very inexpensive.

There are restaurants galore in North Cyprus and there is something for every taste and budget. An average restaurant bill including drinks can be between £10-20 per person. The majority of restaurants and supermarkets accept payment in YTL and sterling without losing in conversion rates. Compared to the UK the cost of living in North Cyprus is very cheap.

5. How long can a British citizen stay in North Cyprus ?

The majority of Europeans automatically receive a three-month visa when arriving into North Cyprus . If you wish to stay longer, you can apply for a temporary residency permit, which is renewable annually. Ersav Homes can advise you on obtaining residency permits.

6. Are they any limitations on buying property in North Cyprus for foreign persons?

Yes, there are limitations that apply to foreigners wishing to purchase land or property in North Cyprus . Land in North Cyprus is measured in Donums; a foreign national cannot buy more than one Donum of land. A D önüm is 1,338 square meters or approximatley 14,000 square feet. This is a substantial size of land, if a bigger piece of land is required then family members names need to be added to the ownership or a local limited company formed and the land can then be purchased in the company name.

7. What are the procedures involved in buying property in North Cyprus ?

Once you have decided on the right North Cyprus property for you, we recommend the first action you take is to appoint a lawyer to check the title deeds of your chosen property. Once the deeds are confirmed the next step is to have a contract of sale drawn up, defining payment terms, any extras added to the standard plan and the proposed completion date. By issuing a power of attorney, the lawyer can act on your behalf after your return to the UK . The lawyer will apply for your permission to purchase. Upon completion, the lawyer will ensure all monies are paid to the vendor and the land registry (stamp duty currently at 3%).

8. What costs are involved in buying property in North Cyprus ?

Lawyers in North Cyprus usually have a set standard fee for buying a property in North Cyprus usually this is in the region of approximately £1000. Ersav Homes will happily refer you to the lawyer we work with, whose rates are very competitive.


9. How long does it normally take to complete a house purchase in North Cyprus ?

Purchasing property in North Cyprus can take between 12-18 months, so be prepared to wait! There is nothing to worry about it is just the lengthy legal process involved that can take time to complete. Your patience will be rewarded by becoming the owner of your dream home in the sun.

10. What are the terms of payment for purchasing property in North Cyprus ?

Payment terms depend on the property you buy. A resale property is paid fully upon exchange of contracts, newly built or off plan properties depend upon the construction firm. Payment terms can involve an initial deposit of between 10 – 30%, followed by further payments of 20% (for example) payable upon completion of stages in the build process. Alternatively payment maybe able to be made by monthly instalment. Ersav Homes work only with reputable construction companies and we are confident that we can arrange payment terms to suit your budget.

11. Is it possible to bring personal possessions (furniture, pets etc) into North Cyprus ?

Several removal/shipping companies offer this service. Prices depend on the amount of goods you have and if you require part of a container, a full 20 cubic foot container or a full 40 cubic foot container. Some companies provide a full packing and loading service and some just arrange for pre packed goods to be collected and then shipped. We recommend you obtain a few different quotes before deciding on which option is best for you. We can provide you with some contact numbers.

Dogs and Cats must be vaccinated for rabies and a blood test proving this has been done must be taken in the UK . This documentation along with a letter confirming your pet has lived with you at your home address, including details of the pets age, breed, colour etc, must be sent via fax to the veterinary department at least four weeks before arriving in the TRNC. Three days before leaving the UK fax details of your flight and the department will arrange for a vet to collect your pet from the airport, a charge will be made for this service.

12. Is it necessary to obtain a TRNC driving licence?

Vehicles in the TRNC drive on the left as in the UK , You are permitted to drive on a full UK licence for 3 months, after that a TRNC licence must be obtained. A temporary residency permit must be presented when applying for a local driving licence.

13. Are there any limitations to repatriate rental or any other income from Northern Cyprus ?

There are no limitations on repatriating the profits, including the rental income from any properties in North Cyprus .

14. What is the TRNC banking system like? Is it possible to open a sterling bank account in North Cyprus ?

There are branches of TRNC banks as well as branches of Turkish banks. You can open accounts in either Sterling or Yeni Turk Lirasi (YTL), accounts generally offer good interest rates. Ersav Homes will gladly recommend to you some reputable banks. HSBC international has branches in Lefkosa and Kyrenia, which is a sign of financial and political stability on the island.

15. What is the official language of North Cyprus ?

The official language of the TRNC is Turkish. English is a business language and is widely spoken.

16. What is the time difference with UK ?

North Cyprus is two hours ahead of UK GMT. Daylight saving hours applies and the clocks go back or forward as they do in the United Kingdom .

17. Is the TRNC recognised anywhere else in the world?

The TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ) has an embassy in Ankara and consulates in Mersin and Istanbul . Offices of representatives in London , Washington , New York , Brussels , Pakistan and Abu Dhabi . There are Honorary representatives in Italy , Germany , Austria , Canada , South Africa and Finland .

In the TRNC, there is a Turkish Embassy, British High Commission and German consulate.






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