Health Care

Medical Centre

Health services are excellent in North Cyprus and there are very good hospitals and medical facilities. Visitors to Northern Cyprus do not require any medical treatments prior to entry.

The price for medications can range from well below to just above UK prices. The Central State Hospital is in Nicosia and there are other smaller hospitals in Kyrenia, Famagusta, Guzelyurt and Lefke. There are also clinics in smaller towns and some villages. The medical treatment in the hospitals is free of charge.

There are many English-speaking doctors who have their own private clinics, but medical treatment is not cheap so medical insurance is an asset.

Most upset stomachs are caused by a mixture of too much sun, alcohol an a change in the diet. Imodium quickly disposes of the problem. Some people have a nasty reaction to mosquito and sand fly bites. Try rubbing anti-histamine cream on the affected part.

A good sun block lotion should be used and direct sunlight on the head should be avoided. Take plenty of non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day.

Snake bites are rare but should the worst happen, cover the bite with a cloth. Apply a tourniquet above the bite if it is on a limb but not so tight as to cut the blood supply off. Seek medical attention immediately.

Healthcare in association with Famagusta Medical Centre (Magosa Tip Merkezi). Recently opened offering state of the art facilities reassuring you of excellent treatment and care. The staff are all fully trained and qualified and all personnel are fluent English speaking.

List of Hospitals / Health Centers

Girne Doktor Akcicek Government Hospital
Government Hospital
tel. 0392 815 2266
Guzelyurt Health Centre
Health Centre
tel. 0392 714 2125
Lefke Health Centre
Health Centre
tel. 0392 728 7757
Lefkosa Burhan Nalbantoglu
Government Hospital
tel. 0392 228 5441; 223 2441
Magusa Government Hospital
Government Hospital
tel. 0392 366 2876, 5328
Famagusta Medical Centre
Esref Bitlis Cadd
tel. 0392 366 5085
fax. 0392 366 2316

List of pharmacies
Pharmacy Name
Akpinar Eczanesi
Inonu Bulvari, 45C

365 3618

Atakan Eczanesi
15 Agustos Bulvari, Asimoglu Cad. 366 4634
Atun Eczanesi
Istiklal Cad., No:24 366 5322
Bedeoglu Eczanesi
Akdogan 377 8888
Bilge Eczanesi
Larnaka Yolu, Ozergin Apt., No:2 366 1398
Ceren Eczanesi
15 Agustos Bulvari, No:11/C 366 3374
Caglan Eczanesi
15 Agustos Bulvari, No:34 366 6447
Melek Ibrahim Eczanesi
Mehmetcik 375 5366
Ece Eczanesi
Salamis Way 365 3846
Erel Eczanesi
Istiklal Cad. No:25 366 7586
Ergin Eczanesi
Cakirlar Cad., No:47, 4. Bolge (area) 366 5954
Faysal Salamis Eczanesi
Polatpasa Cad., Efkaf Apt., No:22 366 4016
Gursoy Eczanesi
Akdogan 377 8449
Hakan Eczanesi
Kocatepe Cad., No:1 366 2713
Halk Eczanesi
Kisla Yolu, No:2H 366 5333
Hocanin Eczanesi
Municipal Shops, No:1, Vadili 377 8222
Kayra-Sakarya Eczanesi
Salamis Yolu (way) 365 2989
Meva Eczanesi
15 A, Ordu Cad., Open Market karsisi (opposite) 366 3773
Omur Eczanesi
Medical Centre, Pertur Apt., No:1 366 0353
Ozay Eczanesi
Altay Cad., Baykal 366 4836
Ozcag Eczanesi
Istiklal Cad., No:11 366 6658
Oznergis Eczanesi
Salamis Yolu, Mumtaz Apt., No:3 365 2492
Petek Eczanesi
Altun Tabya Yolu, No:11 366 2928
Sakiner Eczanesi
Yeni Erenkoy 374 4356
Selin Eczanesi
Iskele 371 2856
Sevinc Eczanesi
Sinan Pasa Cad., No:11 366 5357
Sezin Eczanesi
Hastane Yolu karsisi (opposite), DSI, No:11 366 2922
Sumer Kuman Eczanesi
Gecitkale 366 3793
Tarabya Eczanesi
Salamis Yolu, No:43 365 1607
Umut Eczanesi
28 Ocak Cad. 366 2369
Zeynep Eczanesi
M. Kurtulus Cad., Ozel Apt., No:8, Baykal 366 7847

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